Bar Down Lounge has the ability to offer dressing room service to our patrons 19 years and older. For our adult league and evening users, we are licenced by the AGCO to sell all Molson Products into the dressing rooms

Would you like to add this service during your tournament, special function or during non peak times, please contact Roger Barker at

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Dressing Room Services
If you selected “Dressing Room Services” please select from the following:
Chocolate Milk Service (15 x 473mlml Choc. Milk $30)
Fruit Platter Sevice (Platter serves 15 ppl $15)
Bottled Water Service (15 x 591ml Desani water $30)
For Adult League Only: Canadian and Coors Light ($5.25 each inc tax)
Custom Order (please contact)
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