Your children can expect the ultimate play experience at Rhino Sports and Playland. We provide the perfect arena for your kids to go wild in a safe and fun playspace. Take the stress and anxiety out of play time at Rhino Sports: the premier indoor play venue for kids.

Playtime for children is a positive way to promote the development of fitness and social skills. Rhino Sports and Playland indoor play centre in Belleville promotes healthy activity in a safe and secure, fully air conditioned environment.

Our friendly and experienced Rhino staff are on hand to help in any way they can. We’ve taken great care in designing Rhino’s play equipment to be safe and durable. We go to great lengths to keep your kids play area clean and sanitary.

Our Belleville centre includes a fantastic playland as well as a restaurant/bar with our own Beer and other refreshments. We also have dedicated toddler area so the little ones don’t get bowled over by overzealous ankle biters.

At our indoor play centre in Belleville we offer everything you’ll need to keep your young ones occupied for hours of stress-free fun. Your children will be climbing, sliding, jumping and exploring their way through our exciting and engaging play equipment.

Rhino Sports in Belleville is dedicated to providing a memorable play experience seven days a week for your pride and joy. Parents have the opportunity to take some time out to relax with other parents or enjoying a cold beverage drink at our restaurant.

Trampoline Zone

Bounce and Play in our 1200 sq.ft. trampoline system. Perfect for Dodgeball Leagues, Birthday Parties, Family get-togethers and more. Hourly rental of the Trampoline Zone is available as well as drop-in times.

Trampoline Zone

Rock Climbing Wall

Climbing outdoors is an amazing experience that can inspire a great appreciation of our environment, but it is also a more complicated and intimidating challenge. While outdoor climbing requires planning considerations, more elaborate safety instruction, practice, and equipment – indoor rock climbing is a safe and accessible introduction to the sport. Whether as a fun activity for an afternoon; a fulfilling fitness workout; or an advanced skill to develop, indoor climbing at Rhino Sports is an excellent way to develop safety training, movement skills, and competency in a new sport.

Rhino Jungle Gym

The Rhino Jungle Gym encourages kids 0-12 to crawl, bounce, slide and explore our clean and secure environment. Rhino Sports provides the ideal location for endless play in our multi-level soft structure which features slides, tunnels, obstacle and more. With plenty of padding to absorb all their energy, and no sharp corners, this environment is ideal for active kids of any age.

Play Structure


Our EyePlay is a virtual playground or like a Giant Tablet that makes entertainment lively, hygienic, toy-free and above all, breathlessly fun. Boredom, meet your new kryptonite.  Kids can run around stomp and have a great time

Playground Rules & Conditions of Entry

Rhino Sports and Playland indoor playground is a whole lot of fun, but whilst we have fabulous “bouncers” to ensure everyone gets a fair go, it is an un-supervised play area.

So parents, have a great time but keep an eye on your littlies at all times please.

  • Although your freshly painted toenails may look just fabulous, socks are always required within the play area for both children and adults. Don’t be sad if you haven’t come prepared, as socks will be available for purchase if you suddenly feel the need to get involved in the fun!
  • Remember to play safe! Never slide down head first, only feet first. Do not overcrowd and slide into people below.
  • No rough play – this includes pushing, shoving and wrestling. 3 warnings and you will be asked to leave. Safety is very important to all our guests.
  • Please no food or drink in the play areas! There is plenty of room in the main eating area for having a water or a nice refreshing food or drink to help keep you playing.
  • All children under the age of 13 must be accompanied/supervised by an adult at all times.
  • The toddler’s area is strictly for the toddlers. Siblings will be asked to leave to help keep the other babies safe.


  • All participants must wear socks at all times!
  • All measures are taken to provide a safe environment, but all visitors enter and play at their own risk.
  • No face painting. Rhino Sports and Playland is a high energy maximum activity zone, kids can get hot and sweaty.
  • Please leave your hats, jewellery, tiaras, watches, etc at home.
  • Any instructions given by Rhino Sports and Playland staff must be followed.
  • Rhino Sports and Playland is not responsible for your safety or injuries that may occur from unsafe play or inappropriate use of equipment.
  • All children enter Rhino Sports and Playland under the care, supervision and responsibility of their parent/caregiver at all times.


Children using the equipment must be supervised by a Parent/Carer at all times. Playland rules must be followed. Customers should note that whilst we take care to ensure our clients enjoyment and safety, injuries can occur whilst using play equipment and leisure facilities.

Management does not accept any liability for any injury however caused whilst using any of the playland’s equipment or amenities. By entering into this playground, you acknowledge and agree to these condition’s.